Mark A. Mathews   Visual Evangelist – Photographer & Architect

“Forget about the microphone, just speak to me. As a friend.” – Lionel Logue to King George VI, in The King’s Speech. 

An American Childhood.

The son of a US Air Force pilot who served with the military for 20 years, flying all over the world, as well as in the Korean War and Vietnam, Mark began his life as an Air Force “brat”. With his traveling family, he lived in a number of different, exciting places. He was born in Louisiana, also living in Japan, Georgia, Indiana, Panama, Virginia and Texas. He finished High School in Austin, Texas, after which he attended the University of Texas’ School of Architecture, graduating with a professional Architectural degree, magna cum laude, in 1980. After college, he moved to Dallas, Texas to pursue his career in Architecture, Urban Design, and Master Planning. 

As a boy, Mark developed a passion for photography, after his father presented him with his first camera (35mm film). Those were “visually stimulating” years that eventually drew him to his career in Architecture, but he continued to develop the interest in photography (both for Nature Photography as well as Architectural Photography). For 40+years, Mark pursued photography in parallel to his educational and career development. Alongside his knack for visual storytelling, he discovered the increasingly powerful visual tools available within the constantly growing computer technologies, over 25 years ago. Referring to the early years of learning the computer tools he uses today as his “Post-Graduate Study”, Mark has developed the use of these tools for doing his work in Photography, Architectural Design, Master Planning, Urban Design, and even Graphic Design. He is currently a licensed architect in the State of Texas.

Introvert and Extrovert.

Representing two sides of a creative personality, Mark began life as a very strong introvert, spending a great deal of time pursuing creative interests by himself. After college, however, he quickly determined that he had to “extrovert” himself to become successful as a creative professional in an extroverted world. Spending a great many years creating illustrations, photographs and 3-dimensional models to convey the best of his teams’ design ideas, he also developed skills in the arena of brainstorming, conceptual workshops and consensus building. Working together, the new company was formed, offering a variety of services to the “creative” side of the modern built environment. “Introverts think before they act, digest information thoroughly, stay on task longer, give up less easily, and work more accurately.” – Susan Cain.

A Professional Career.

Mark has a very broad experience in the architectural profession, in urban design, site design, office campus planning, religious campus planning, educational campus planning, schematic design, design development and construction documents; for a mix of public and private sector clients. Mark has successfully directed Master Planning strategies for over 50,000 acres of corporate and mixed-use developments in the United States, Asia, and Mexico, as well as successfully developing building designs for Office campuses, Church campuses, Higher Educational campuses, and Retail environments around the USA. As a result of working with computer tools extensively, coupled with hand drawing techniques, he has also developed an expertise in graphic design, especially useful in marketing for his clients. 

Mark has a hands-on, collaborative professional style, developed over his long career, that is enhanced by a keen interest in understanding clients and their goals. He has successfully developed many projects in planning, urban design, and architecture with the aid of 3d+2d digital design technology. 

A Special Project.

In early 2012, Mark was asked to develop a Conceptual Design for the headquarters of a company wanting to become part of a very special office campus that had redefined an old, existing medical campus. As a result of that work, Mark met the owner of the campus and was asked to develop the design for the final buildings to be built there. That project has been an impetus for STUDIO.MATCH, a design consultancy aimed at the integration of Mark’s skills in Photography, Architectural and Urban Design. In addition to serving as the Senior Design Architect for the unique project, he has also been the photographer recording the construction process for the owner. That experience created a wonderful opportunity to follow the project’s physical creation, with a camera, and has allowed further development of his interest in visual storytelling. 

A New Beginning.

STUDIO.MATCH offers itself as a creative studio, based in the international environment of modern technology, with a deep appreciation for traditional problem-solving methods and techniques. It is a steadfast hope that our clients will continue to appreciate what a collaborative company we are and enjoy achieving their goals and dreams with us. With his wife, Floann, Mark raised two wonderful offspring, now grown and headed into their careers of professional Geology and Chemistry Education. Being a “quick-study” with creative endeavors, Mark hunts for paths to expand the Architectural Photography side of STUDIO.MATCH. to allow him to do more work in Colorado, with Dallas as his home base. His family’s love affair with the Rocky Mountains began when the Mathews’ children were very young, and has grown stronger over the last 25 years. Photography, Hiking, Fly Fishing, and exploring the outdoors remain primary activities that Mark and his family enjoy on their annual trips to the mountains.